Bill on Civic Engagement Heads to Baker for Approval

House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo joined his colleagues in the Legislature to enact S.2631, An Act to Promote and Enhance Civic Engagement. This legislation is the result of years of advocacy and collaboration between bipartisan House and Senate legislators, and it will implement a civics education curriculum in all Massachusetts public schools.

The legislation promotes a hands-on and experiential approach to fostering civic engagement. It incorporates project-based learning components, encourages the instruction of civic competencies – including news and media literacy – and provides extracurricular civic-participation opportunities.

“I am incredibly proud that we have passed this legislation because it is so important that young men and women are given the opportunity to learn how to affect change in their community,” said Senate President Emerita Harriette L. Chandler (D-Worcester). “This civics curriculum is a long-term investment in the future of our Commonwealth. When we begin to educate our children about civic responsibility at a young age, we foster the growth and development of our nation’s future leaders.”

“Civic engagement is at the heart of our democracy and this legislation will empower young people with the information and tools to get involved in their government from their hometowns to Washington, DC,” said Speaker DeLeo (D-Winthrop).  “Thank you to Senate President Chandler and my colleagues in the House and Senate who worked diligently to put this in place for our students.”

“This legislation ensures that young people in the Commonwealth have access to quality civics education that provides the media literacy skills necessary to critically analyze and debate; the news of the day and their relation to history, government, and their responsibilities as members of a democracy,” said Sen. Joseph A. Boncore (D-Winthrop).” “As the leaders of tomorrow, civics education is vital to teaching students the significance of citizen engagement in government and society,” said Rep. RoseLee Vincent (D-Revere).  “I was proud to support this bill, and look forward to seeing the results of this legislation come to fruition in schools across the Commonwealth.”The bill is now before the governor for his consideration.

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