Revere Housing Authority’s Proactive Approach to the Rat Problem in Revere

Due, in part, to the recent rash of city-wide complaints regarding rat infestation, the Revere Housing Authority  Director, James Millezano, reported to the Board of Commissioners at the June 21 meeting, that the Housing Authority  workers have been proactive in their approach to stemming the rat problem in all Revere housing developments.  Many significant steps were started back in September 2017 and include:

Maintenance staff conducts trash pick-up every morning and on trash pickup days monitors trash that was either missed or residual trash left behind and cleans up;

Cleaning up brush in both the front and back of buildings to mitigate rats living in burrows hidden by the overgrowth;

Worked with B&B Pest Control to aggressively treat all burrows and set bait traps where needed.  The housing authority has seen a 90-percent success rate since B&B Pest Control began this more aggressive treatment process;

Installed surveillance cameras to monitor illegal trash dumping on RHA property; and

The Housing Management staff had begun to fine residents who do not dispose of trash properly and to educate residents how to properly dispose of trash.

Future steps will include:

Institute a Trash Barrel Pilot Program where the Housing Authority has purchased 64-gallon trash barrels with lids to clean-up trash;

The RHA plans to replace all open trash containers with the new 64-gallon barrels with lids over the next few months;

The Board of Commissioners want to work in partnership with all stakeholders to mitigate the rat problem in Revere.  George M. Anzuoni, chairman of the Board of Commissioners stated, “the effort to reduce the rat problem is city-wide and the Revere Housing Authority stands ready to do its part to assist the city and our residents.”

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