Volare Issued a Warning, Commission Miffed by Lackadaisical Efforts

The Revere License Commission held a public hearing last week for violations of the entertainment license and license conditions for Volare, at 388 Broadway.

The Commission said the violations were booking a disc jockey without a license, and letting people in after 12:30 a.m. In addition, a police detail has not been present on Friday and Saturday nights as required from a previous incident.

Attorney James Cipoletta, who represented Volare and its manager Cecilia Maya, said that soon the restaurant would be applying for an entertainment license that would allow a disc jockey. He also assured that the police detail would be put back in place. There was some confusion about requesting an officer and whether one was available or not. Maya acknowledged that the restaurant also has a private security firm.

Commissioner Linda Guinasso was perplexed as to why a DJ continued to be at Volare once it was known it wasn’t included in the license.

“Six months ago we went through this and nothing has changed,” said Guinasso.

Testing the waters himself, Chairman Robert Selevitch went into Volare one night at 12:45 a.m. and got in with no problem.

Selevitch reminded Maya that the food permit for the restaurant was also one month overdue.

“If you can’t comply we can constrict,” Selevitch said.

The commission decided to issue a warning, one more license infraction and the establishment’s hour of operation will be rolled back.

“We’ve been here before and I’m a little frustrated,” said Commissioner John LaCroix. “We’re not out to shut you down but we will come down hard.”

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