RBP Hotel LLC, Shaws Site Developer, Tweaks Plan

RBP Hotel, LLC, developers of the former Shaw site on the Revere Beach Parkway, came before the City Council Monday night asking for an increase for its hotel by 20 rooms and a decrease in the number of “extended-stay” units by eight.

Christine Thomas, a partner in the development, said they would like 132 rooms total.

“As a group we focus on transit-oriented development,” she said, predicting a low use of personal transportation due to the bus a Blue Line at the doorstep.

In April, Thomas went before the council with a proposition for 160 rooms total and was knocked down.

This time the council seemed more willing. but the request was sent to the Zoning Subcommittee before it is voted on by the council next month.

Two years ago when Gate Residential/Transdel/RBP Hotel purchased 205 Revere Beach Parkway, the City Council voted 8-3 to grant a special permit for the project that was partially apartments and partially an extended stay hotel.

Now the development is dual branded with 72 Staybridge Suites and 80 Holiday Inn Express units.

Councillor Dan Rizzo said he wanted to make an amendment to the special permit condition that the parking lot never be used for a park and fly business.

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