New Memorial Plaque Unveiled in Honor of Bob Haas at the Lincoln School Playground

The family of the late Mayor and Councillor Bob Haas Jr. gathered with City and School leaders on Thursday afternoon, June 21, to celebrate a memorial to Haas at the new Lincoln School playground – a facility Haas helped to build some years ago in a volunteer effort.

Mayor Brian Arrigo said it has been hard for him to get use to Haas being gone, especially when he needs advice.

“I grew accustomed to asking Bob for advice all the time,” he said. “So many times I’ve thought of picking up the phone and calling him up for his opinion. It takes a while to realize I can’t do that any longer.”

Rachel Shanley, Haas’s daughter, spoke for the family and said that they have been very humbled by the support from the community since he passed nearly one year ago, on July 2, 2017.

She said the memorial at the Lincoln School was very special, as he attended the Lincoln and always was there for the school.

“The Lincoln holds a very special place in all of our hearts,” she said, noting that she teachers second grade at the Lincoln School.

After the brief ceremony, Juanita Haas and Shanley unveiled the memorial, which featured a photo of Bob Haas and a testament to his devotion to the community.

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