City Council Motions

18-230 Motion presented by Councillor Powers: That the Mayor convene a meeting to discuss resources available and possible solutions to abate the flooding problems that the City has recently experienced in the areas of Rice Avenue, Mills Avenue, Pines River, and other affected areas. The entities or individuals should be requested to attend: Federal Delegation, State Delegation, Army Corp. of Engineers, DEP, the City Council, and the Director of Planning and Community Development. So Ordered.


18-231 Motion presented by Councillor Keefe: That the Mayor request the City Solicitor to revise Boston’s short terms rental ordinance to be applicable to the City of Revere. There has been a steady increase in the number of homes and condominiums being purchased for the sole purpose of operating short-term rental businesses thus reducing housing stock for families and individuals looking to purchase a property in Revere to live permanently. Boston’s new short-term rental ordinance addresses this aspect of the short-term rental problem. So Ordered.


18-233 Motion presented by Council President Giannino, Council Vice-President McKenna: That the City Council draft and approve an ordinance promoting all public parks as “Drug, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Weapon Free Zones.” So Ordered.


18-235 Motion presented by Councillor Powers: That the Mayor request DCR to examine the Carey Circle sea wall (ocean side) to determine the structural integrity of the wall as the rebar being exposed. Further, that appropriate action be taken if repairs need to be made. So Ordered.

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