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Revere Youth Baseball and Softball teams enter playoff competition

By Jonathan Chang

While the playoffs began for most divisions in Revere Youth Baseball and Softball (RYBS), the attention is centered around the All-Stars. After watching the 10U and 12U All Star teams begin their district play last weekend, the 9U and 11U All Stars will join district competition this weekend starting on Saturday, June 23.

After a close 4-3 victory over Belmont in the opening round of the Districts, the 10U All Stars failed to continue the momentum after a 10-7 loss on Sunday, June 17. “The 10U team has been battling in every game, and even though they came out on the short end Sunday, they’ll look to get back on the winning track,” RYBS Vice President Jason Smith said.

The 12U All Stars have been “dominating so far,” Smith said. After rolling past Arlington, 12-1, they continued to pummel their opposition with an 8-2 win against Belmont on Sunday, June 17.

The respective All-Star rosters feature:

10U: Frankie Annunziata, Domenic Bellia, Scott Beuoy, Noah Goodwin, Harris Hadzihasanovic, Luca Kennedy, John Macdonald, Marc Miasano, Matthew Mosca, Vincenzo Palermo, Elijah Rivera, Jason Teebagy, Jack Zimmerman

12U: Costa Beechin, Cam Correia, Sal DeAngelis, Patrick Keefe, Andrew Leone, Giancarlo Miro, John Nowicki, Frankie Pimental, Donis Rodríguez, Anthony Sasso, Conner Seeley, Nicholas Simpson, Ollie Svendsen

Notes from RYBS VP Jason Smith

“12U’s continue to pummel their opponents into submission with their massive axe attack. Behind the blistering bats of Frankie Pimental, Ollie Svendsen, Andrew Leone and Sal DeAngelis, Revere put an 8-2 shellacking on Belmont. Giancarlo Miro and Patrick Keefe manned the hill for the victors.

“10U: Revere lost a heartbreaker to Winchester 10-7 on Sunday. Up 7-5 heading to the last inning, a few bad bounces turned the game over to the Winchester 9.  Dom Bellia, Scott Beuoy, Vincenzo Palermo and Harris Hadzihasanovic led the charge for the good guys.”


Revere Youth Baseball and Softball: Playoffs

Nearing the halfway mark of June, Revere Youth Baseball and Softball (RYBS) now enters the playoffs, where AAA, Major League and Minor League teams will compete at the local Griswold Fields throughout this week.

Entering the playoffs, the top teams from each division are AAA’s Brewers (8-3-0, W-L-T), Major League’s Indians (10-1-3) and Minor League’s Nationals, who’s had a perfect season with an 11-0-0 record.


Notes from RYBS VP Jason Smith:


“Major League: Giancarlo Miro did his best JD Martinez impression as he launched a moonshot over the centerfield fence in a 4-1 Cubs victory over the Diamondbacks.

AAA: Liam Walsh, Harris Hadzihasanovic and Marc Maisano led the Brewers in a must-win game against the Braves, as the defending champions locked up a first round bye in this week’s AAA Playoffs.

Minor League: Shayna Smith had two inside park home runs and pitched a complete 4-inning shutout, with seven punchouts as the Twins defeated the Royals 10-0.

T-Ball: Michael Biasella, Joseph Biasella and Adrian Guillen worked harder than Sisyphus pushing the boulder up a hill as they led the undermanned Panthers to a tie against The Rams.


Softball: The Flyers beat the Jets in a thrilling 11-7 win on Sunday, June 10, that came down to the wire. Flyers pitcher GiulianaMicciche held off an advancing Jets team in the fifth inning to close out the win.”

2018 FIFA World Cup already full of surprises

By Jonathan Chang

The 2018 FIFA World Cup launched with host Russia’s 5-0 blowout over Saudi Arabia on Thursday, June 14. This year marked a shocker for fans of Team USA, who failed to qualify for the World Cup despite their 25th ranking. However, with 32 diverse cultures represented all across the Greater Boston Area, there are still many reasons to celebrate one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

The marquee matchup of the tournament thus far was the match between powerhouses Spain and Portugal on Friday, June 15. Portugal’s superstar Christiano Ronaldo shined with a hat trick, but Spain created three goals of their own to tie the game, 3-3.

The excitement of the World Cup, as always, has come from the surprises. Despite being at the highest stage of the sport, the top of the World Cup can often be full of disparities. This year has already shown plenty of shockers: 1-1 tie between Argentina and Iceland, 1-0 upset by Mexico over Germany, and 1-1 tie between Brazil and Switzerland.

The tie between Argentina and Iceland, in particular, created quite a conversation. With a history of soccer prestige, Argentina has more officially registered soccer players than the entire population of Iceland; in its first World Cup appearance, Iceland made its mark.

Elsewhere, the debate of who the best player in the world is arose again. Ronaldo’s hat trick easily outshined Messi’s performance in their respective first games, but with each player likely to advance deeper into the tournament, there will be plenty of opportunities to continue the discussion.

There were plenty of drama as well: Iran defeated Morocco, 1-0, thanks to an own-goal scored in the 90th minute of the game; England defeated Tunisia 2-1 after Harry Kane’s header off a corner kick found the net.

The group stage will continue through next week. The round of 16 begins on Saturday, June 30.

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