Fighting the Rat Problem

Mayor Brian Arrigo is to be congratulated for undertaking an aggressive program to stem and control the rat population growth in our community.

Nothing can be more distressing to any resident or homeowner than seeing a rat scurrying along the streets or sidewalks or hearing rustling sounds in the rubbish bags. There is something about seeing these rodents that is repulsive.

However, this rat population explosion is not just happening in Revere, but is occurring throughout all the surrounding communities. It is a problem that has not happened overnight, but has been festering for many years.

One can blame new construction projects for causing rats to migrate as their nests are disturbed by the constant noise.  One can blame living in a marshy area.  However, the largest source of “blame”  for the rat population explosion is an easy food source – our rubbish.

In addressing this rat problem, we should be hesititant to use rat poison.  It is often said that poison kills many times over — first the rat, then the animal or the family  pet) that may eat them or come into contact with the them.

We agree with Mayor Arrigo that the best way to stem this problem is to eliminate the rats’ food source.  Heavy-duty barrels that will be offered to residents are a first step. These barrels must be used and sealed on a regular basis by residents.

We urge all residents to read Mayor Arrigo’s Op-Ed  that is located on this page to find out how we can make a difference in this fight.

We agree with Arrigo that everyone must take ownership of this problem and do their part in the never-ending fight to control the rat population.

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