Bars Appear Before Licensing Commission

One local bar has been placed on probation and two others have had complaints placed on file by the License Commission.

Sammy’s Patio, BK’s Bar and Grill and the Chamness Bar and Grill were the topic of discussion during the May 16 License Commission meeting. All three appeared with their lawyer James Cipoletta after allegations of selling drugs surfaced. Cipoletta said none of the owners knew that this activity was going on.

At Sammy’s Patio it was reported that an undercover officer purchased drugs from the bartender. She allegedly sold drugs to support her habit. She plead guilty in Chelsea District Court and is now on an 18-month probation. She has since been fired and said the owners did not know what she was doing.

“You have to get a hold of what’s happening in your business,” said License Commissioner Linda Guinasso.

The commission voted to place Sammy’s Patio on six-months probation. If there are any violations, then the hours of operation will be rolled back to midnight.

The Chamness Bar and Grill and BK’s Bar and Grill both had undercover police buy cocaine from one of the employees outside the establishments. Both employees have since been fired. Both complaints have been placed on file.

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