Cooking with Councillor Keefe

May 11, 2018

City Councillor Patrick Keefe welcomed Girl Scout Troop 75455 into his home for a cooking class about healthy cooking and eating. Patrick is the culinary director at Legal Seafood, so he loved the thought of giving back to his community, with the help of his sous chef wife, Jennifer. When Troop Leaders Stacy Ceren and Carol Cusack called him, he was ready to instruct.
Juliana, Sophia, Kaylee, Brianna, Jessica, Sophia, Giovanna and Francesca all learned about making
yummy chicken and pineapple kabobs, quinoa, kale chips, pickled vegetables and a yummy dessert of bananas foster, strawberries and vanilla ice cream.
Troop 75455 would like to thank Councillor Keefe and his wife for a wonderful evening and always giving back to the City of Revere.

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