Police Briefs 04-18-2018


Two Revere High teens were charged on Weds., April 11, when they made a video threat against the school and posted it online.

A student discovered the threat and immediately reported it to the principal, an act the Revere Police are praising despite the fact that the threat was not credible in the end.

“This was really great that the student came forward with the information,” said Lt. Amy O’Hara. “You have to take every threat seriously now, but this one did not turn out to be credible.”

Nonetheless, both students were charged in the matter.

A 15-year-old and 16-year-old were both charged with disturbing a school, and two counts of threatening to commit a crime.



A student at the Susan B. Anthony Middle School is expected to be charged when he or she posted a threat against a teacher at the school.

On Thursday, April 12, police were alerted to the threat. The administration handled the situation, but police are expected to charge the student in court.



Revere Police are investigating a large fight between patrons that damaged BK’s Bar & Grill on Monday, April 9.

Police were called to the scene around 1:20 a.m. and found the barroom in disarray with chairs thrown about and blood droplets on the floor.

Police were told a large fight between four people broke out, and all had fled.

Officers found one man, and he was sent to the hospital.

Charges against the four may come forward for destruction of property.



A Chelsea man has been charged in a hit and run on Broadway April 12.

Around 6:18 p.m., a vehicle was trying to park on Broadway when a car pulled up in front and caused an accident.

The victim stopped, but the other driver fled the scene.

The victim got the plate, and Revere Police traced it to a home in Chelsea.

  1. Barry Dwyer, 77, of Chelsea, was charged with leaving the scene of property damage.




Patrick G. Lopez, 34, of Mattapan, was arrested on charges of illegal possession of a Class D controlled narcotic substance with intent to distribute, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, and attaching plates to a motor vehicle. He also was cited for operating an unregistered motor vehicle and having an open container of alcohol while operating a motor vehicle.



Two juveniles, ages 15 and 16, were arrested on charges of disturbing a school and two counts of making a threat to commit a crime.

Gary J. Lenten, 57, of 286 Fenno St., was arrested on a charge of violating a domestic abuse prevention restraining order pursuant to c. 209A.



Alexandra Jimenez, 33, of 72 Thornton St., was arrested on a charge of shoplifting.

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