Letter to the Editor

Alert to Constituents

Dear Editor:

It is important at this time that I remind you of certain healthcare costs that will be affecting your pocketbook.


The increasing cost of medical transportation (ambulance service) is changing drastically as a result of contractors taking this business with no intention of considering the price which will RISE and hit your pocketbook even with health insurance. BE AWARE OF YOUR INSURANCE COVERAGE NOW.


Because dental costs are rising as well, make sure you have dental insurance coverage. Cost effective plans are available.


Regarding family members as caregivers, claim all your financial and legal rights. BE AWARE.

The resources of the AARP are on your side. The main number in Boston is 866-448-3621, they will direct and give you guidance.

Be mindful of the technological age in which we all live.

Judith S. Robicheau



Silver Legislature

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