Arrigo Seeks Funding for Additional Roadway and Sidewalk Work

Last year the city worked together with the UMass Collins Center to put together a capital budget, and now Mayor Brian Arrigo has announced $500,000 in the $1.1 million capital improvement budget will be spent on additional roadway and sidewalk work not covered by Chapter 90 funds from the state.

“It’s an important capital investment, and I think it’s the first time the city has ever appropriated an additional amount,” Arrigo said. “It gives us the ability to really pick off some of the areas we know need work.”

Arrigo said this was proof of some of the hard work the city has done financially.


Appropriations from Capital Stabilization Fund include:


$86,000 ~ Departmental Equipment ~ Fire ~ Replace Air Bag/Lift Systems

$25,000 ~ Capital Improvements ~ Fire ~ Central Statin repairs

$25,000 ~ Departmental Equipment ~ Fire ~ Jaws of Life Auto Extraction Equipment

$162,000 ~ Capital Improvements ~ Healthy Communities ~ Streets, Trails, Pedestrian & Bike Trail Improvements

$50,000 ~ Capital Improvements ~ Planning and Community Development ~ Tree Planting and Removal

$50,000 ~ Capital Improvements ~ Planning and Community Development ~ Park Design

$50,000 ~ Departmental Equipment ~ Police ~ Patrol Vehicle/SUV

$50,000 ~ Capital Improvements ~ Public Works ~ Renovate and Repair Stairs ~ Legion of Honor

$500,000 ~ Capital Improvements ~ Public Works/Engineering ~ Sidewalk and Roadway Improvements

$50,000 ~ Departmental Equipment ~ School ~ Beachmont School Emergency Generator

$100,000 ~ Capital Improvement ~ School ~ Paul Revere School Hot Water Tank


The total cost of this appropriation is $1,148,000 from the Capital Improvements Trust Fund. The balance in this fund is $2,254,716.  This leaves the Capital Improvement Stabilization Fund with a balance of over $1.1 million, following the unanimous approval of the Council.

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