Powers has Questions on Wonderland Status

Ward 5 Councillor John Powers is not giving up on demanding that the owners of the old Wonderland Dog Park site appear before the city council on April 2 and explain what it going on at the site.

“There isn’t a day that goes by that I run into someone in the supermarket or get a call from a constituent asking about Wonderland,” Powers said. “I hear all kinds of stories. I hear that the DEP told them not to remove anymore material. I’m hearing that it’s a money problem. I’m hearing all different types of stories.”

Crews worked for a couple of months on the site and then stopped amidst talk of alleged asbestos contamination in the piles of rubble and in the rest of the building.

In addition, hundreds of cars continue to be parked in the massive lot. A cease and desist order was issued by the city. They appealed to the Zoning Board of Appeals, they received two continuances and now have appealed to Superior Court.

“I think they’re showing a complete arrogance to the city, in particular to the residents that live in that area,” Powers said.

He said the look of the site takes away from the city.

“When are they going to get the material out of there,” Powers asked. “I want to know first hand what right they have to park those cars down there once the building inspector and the ZBA said to get out of there. I want the city to take some affirmative action. Give the residents some answers.”

Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso took it a step further and said he wanted to deny access to the property.

“We have to do something to ban access to that location,” Guinasso said. “These cars do nothing for the city of Revere. I think we need to ask the mayor to direct the police department to block this. Then, we’ll get their attention.”

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