Thank You,Dan Maguire

Dan Maguire has a been a caring voice on the Revere School Committee since first being elected to the committee in 2005. Maguire decided not to seek re-election this past year, bringing to an end his 12-year tenure.

At the December meeting of the School Committee, which was Danny’s last, his colleagues praised him not only for his common-sense approaches to solving problems, but for his unquestioning advocacy for the betterment of all students in the Revere public schools.

We join with his colleagues and the voters of Revere in saying, “Thank you,” for choosing to hold elective office, a task that is never easy on either those who serve or their families.

The school system is better for Dan Maguire’s service on the School Committee and the children of Revere’s public schools — past, present, and future — are the beneficiaries of his time on the committee.

Dan has exemplified the manner in which all elected officials should leave office: With his head held high and leaving the residents of our community better off for his efforts.

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