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Dear Editor:

We would like to praise the work of the Revere DPW and Water Department. On Saturday, January 6, one of the coldest nights of the year, we had a water main break in front of our house that we noticed around 11:30 p.m. Richard Sarro arrived and called in Andrew Hudson. They were out in the cold for hours trying to find the shut offs under solid snow and ice that was left behind from the flooding. The wind chill was -22. Eventually, they were able to shut off the water which was flooding our basement and setting off the sump pump.

Over the next three days, the DPW and Water Department battled subzero wind chills and frozen ground that the equipment had a hard time penetrating in order to repair not only the broken water main but a subsequent sewer line breach. These men were sorely tested during this time, and they handled it admirably. This dedicated team of employees was tenacious and dogged. They worked under extreme conditions and showed up when they said they would. They were courteous and kept us updated on their progress. They worked very long hours in weather that can only be described as brutal. Already overwhelmed by the storm on January 4th, they never gave up. We are so appreciative of everything they did.  Knowing they were not going to stop until they repaired everything made our experience a little more bearable.

We are grateful for and appreciative of their amazing efforts. We would like to personally thank the following people:

Joseph Maglione, Joseph Lake, Richard Sarro, Chris Fabiano, Chris Charmello, Nick Sevastakis, Steve Pezie, Mark Hilton, Andrew Hudson, and Sal Curiale. Please forgive us if we missed anyone. They are all to be commended.

We know many times you only hear about negative experiences. We wanted to share our positive experience. Under the harshest of conditions, the DPW and Water Department came to our rescue. It is comforting to know we can depend on them.

Congratulations to them on a job well done!

Ricci and

Loretta LaCentra


Dear Editor:

The City of Revere Community Scholarship Fund members wish to acknowledge the following  individuals who made contributions from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2017:


$600.00   Robert M. Cassidy

$250.00   Evelyn Morris

$200.00   Ms. Carol A. Tye

$100.00 – plus

The Advocate Newspaper

Atlantic Autobody, Inc.

Banana Boat

Walter Bennett

Mr. & Mrs. Justin P. Capodilupo

Gennaro L. Cataldo, D.M.D.

Regina Daley

Wilson V. Diaz Hernandes

Daniel J. Doherty

David R. Fabri

N & M  Giacobbe

Carol Haney

Ms. Linda A. LaCascia

La Esquina Del Sabor

Rosemarie Tomasino

Councilor John F. Powers

Richard R. Powers


$50.00 plus

Robert & Marie Alessi

Carol & William Anattos

Beauty on the Beach

Michael Bova

Nunzio & Alice Cataldo

Roy J. Colannino

Councilor Jessica Giannini

Stephen Gonzales

Susan Gravellese

Agrade Jimenez

Olympia Market

Scott Kurtzer

Florence Novoselsky

Robert Sciogliendo


$30.00 plus

Bellissima’s Hair Design

Robert J. Campbell, Jr.

Endevan Ciermsna

Francine Cook

Thmor Dar

Ann Marie Giovino

Eileene Sherriff

Dina Umana



Rosa Bonafine

Armindo E. Cancs

Marsha & David Fulten

Nicholas Gigliello

Lois Groves

Lucia A. Hunter

Fern Price


$15.00 plus

Blanca Bedoya

Michael & Christine Carey

Yvonne Dello Russo

Ms. Linda S. Jansen

Joseph Reale

Emilia von Hernell



June Bowman

Mr. Daniel Ferrante

Frank & Donna Ferrante

Yadisha Marquez

Jealy F. Pierre

Agosto Rios

Sharon White



John E. Anderson

Richard Burg

Hazel Eugber

Lea Sasso


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