EBNHC Pace Center in Revere

Earlier this month, officials from the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBHNC) and the City of Revere were on hand to break ground at the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) Center on Garofalo Street.

The Center will accommodate more than 200 residents from Revere and surrounding communities, providing adult day-care.

As EBNHC CEO Manny Lopes said at the groundbreaking, “This program is designed to keep older adults healthy and independent and living at home and living in the community as long as possible.”

Some of the resources that his center offers will be nurses and physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, dieticians, pharmacists, and transportation among many other benefits and resources.

This type of facility is sorely needed in Revere.  As the local population continues to age and, more significantly, live longer, the quality of life becomes increasingly important.

For many seniors, (who is anyone over the age of 55), the days of their youth, when they were able to perform routine aspects of life without thinking, “Should I really do this?” are long gone. The spirit may be willing, but the body says, “No.”

As the baby boomers continue to age, this active generation keeps going on, often ignorant of basic medical facts, such as clogged arteries or a lump that seems like nothing.

Like all parts of life, the need and counsel to slow down is important, and that is what this facility offers.  The silent killer of high blood pressure in this type of facility will be easier to spot and treat.

The motto for this type of center could be taken from a poem:

“Grow old along with me,

The best is yet to be,

The last of life,

For which the first was made.”

Thank you, Manny Lopes, for investing the millions of dollars that this facility will cost to serve the residents of our community.

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