Officials Unveil 311 Center

By Cary Shuman

Lt. Governor Karyn Polito joined Mayor Brian Arrigo in officially launching Revere’s 311 Constituent Services System Tuesday at Revere City Hall.

Arrigo first proposed the installation of the 311 system when he was serving as a councillor-at-large. He reaffirmed that pledge during his campaign for mayor. Tuesday was a triumphant day for the city’s innovative chief executive as he fulfilled his campaign promise to bring the system to Revere.

“It’s a great honor and a culmination of years of work to stand here and say that 311 has finally arrived,” said Arrigo.

Residents of Revere can now dial 311 on their cellphones or landlines to report a non-emergency service request such as a pothole or missed trash pickup, ask a question, or look up information about a prior request.

Residents will also be able to track the progress of their issue through the system by text, email, or via the Revere 311 app. The 311 constituency call center is physically located in an office on the second floor of City Hall.

Noting the presence of the popular lieutenant governor, Arrigo said, “Revere 311 would not be a reality without the support of the state and local elected leaders. We have continued support from our partners in the legislature, Rep. RoseLee Vincent, Speaker Robert DeLeo, and Sen. Joseph Boncore. The City Council is also here today in support of this effort.”

The creation of the 311 system was funded in part by a $54,000 Community Compact IT grant that Revere received in 2016.

Polito, who walked with Governor Charlie Baker in Revere’s Columbus Day Parade on Monday, said it was an honor to celebrate the start of 311 with Revere residents.

“Governor Baker and I promised that we would make Massachusetts a stronger, better and more prepared Commonwealth and that is why in his very first executive order he signed a commitment to cities and towns for a Better and Best Practices in local government to prepare communities for opportunity and success,” said Polito.

“I’m very pleased that Revere took advantage of the Compact Best Practices Program,” she added. “We were very please to see your application come forward and to be able to grant $54,000 for this particular initiative partnering with the call center. To be able to better communicate with the people of this community is really important. The [311 System] is really quite an accomplishment for this community and it does set you apart.”

Polito commended Arrigo and city officials for their initiative and being innovative in the manner in which they communicate with the citizens of Revere.

Arrigo introduced 311 constituent call center representatives Allan Fitzmaurice and Randall Modestin, who were present for the announcement. Denise Sao Pedro is also a member of the constituent call center team.

Public Works Director Donald Goodwin praised the introduction of the 311 system in the city, stating that it will boost efficiency in his department to address problems with sidewalks, potholes, and streets in the city.

“Any problems would filter through the 311 system and come directly to me at the DPW,” said Goodwin. “Work orders are put in place and it makes it much easier to manage all the particular problems and issues that revolve around the DPW workload on a day-to-day basis.”

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