Coming Together as a Community to Stop Domestic Violence

Two weeks ago, the City of Revere was shaken by a terrible tragedy – the murder of Vanessa MacCormack, a 30-year-old school teacher, allegedly due to an incident of domestic violence.

Vanessa was a loving mother to her one-year-old daughter, and a devoted mentor to her 24 second-grade students.

The City of Revere joins Vanessa’s family, her friends, and her school community in mourning and remembering her.

When a tragedy like this occurs, it too often can feel like an isolated incident – something that came out of nowhere, and that nobody could have seen coming.

But in fact, incidents of domestic violence in our society are anything but isolated.

This year, 28 women and men have lost their lives to incidents of domestic violence in the Commonwealth. 28 precious lives lost, and 28 families devastated in just nine months.

The loss of Vanessa was another painful reminder that domestic violence is an epidemic in our society. We all have a responsibility to take this issue seriously.

Victims of domestic violence need to know that help is available. Importantly, friends and family members of victims also need to know that if they know of someone who is experiencing domestic violence, they must speak up and seek assistance.

We cannot be passive bystanders of abusive or unhealthy relationships. Far too frequently, they end in terrible tragedies like this one. So please: be aware of the resources available to find help.

HarborCOV, a local agency based in Chelsea, connects victims with important resources, including crisis intervention, safety planning, help with financial concerns, legal advocacy, support for children, domestic violence education, and up to 14 days of emergency housing for victims of violence who need to leave their current living situation. HarborCOV can be reached via a 24-hour hotline at 617-884-9909.

Jane Doe’s website also has an interactive service locator tool to help you find support and services in your area. Visit to learn more.

To honor Vanessa, and to honor the countless lives that have been impacted by domestic violence, please take the time to discuss this important issue with your loved ones. Let’s come together as a community and take a stand to end domestic violence.

The following article was written By Mayor Brian Arrigo, City of Revere; Kourou Pich, Co-Executive Director, HarborCOV; and Lynn Peters, Co-Executive Director, HarborCOV.

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