Residents Asked to Fill Out Police Survey

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

As part of the review of the Revere Police Department, a survey  is now available on the City website at for the general public.

The five-question survey comes in three languages with a link for even more languages.

This survey is being done as part of the comprehensive review process of the Revere Police Department, being conducted by Arlington Police Chief Fred Ryan and Chelsea Police Chief Brian Kyes, both of Ryan Strategies Group LLC.

The survey questions focus on the development of relationships with community members and other questions regarding community policing, areas that  Mayor Brian Arrigo has stressed need to be addressed.

The analysis relies on the input of residents, which they can provide by completing the brief online survey.

“We’re going to monitor responses and end it accordingly once they slow down,” said Mayor Brian Arrigo. There is no cutoff date for the survey.  Survey takers should note that email addresses are also being requested.

“We are confident that this in-depth look at the complex and ever-changing work that our police officers do will shed light on the positive impact that they already have on our community on a daily basis,” Arrigo said. “We’re also aware that the department is not perfect, and Chiefs Ryan and Kyes will use their expertise to help guide our police toward being even more effective and engaged with our community.”

Once the process is completed, the City of Revere will use the results to direct investment into a high-performing, modern and community-focused police force that works hand-in-hand with members of the community.

“A community-based approach is the strongest and most-effective tool that police departments can use to reduce crime and improve safety,” Chief Ryan said. “I am looking forward to partnering with the Revere Police and looking at the successes they’re already having as well as the areas where they can improve.”

“Our top priority is doing the best job we can on behalf of the residents we serve,” Revere Police Chief James Guido said. “Forging a strong bond with our community is a critical piece of that, and hearing the input of residents will ultimately help us better understand what we need to do.”

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