Handicap Parking Signs Under Review

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

The Commission on Disabilities is trying to help the city when it comes to old or abandoned handicap parking signs in front of various properties. Some of the signs may have been in place for years, but the original applicant may have moved or passed away, leaving behind a sign.

Now the commission wants to get a tighter rein on the signs. At one time, there had been an annual renewal process but it fell by the wayside.

“We get a lot of requests for signs,” Chairman Ralph DiCicco said at last Wednesday’s meeting. “But many of them are no longer in use by the original applicant. We are trying our best to see if we can get them removed because parking is at a premium in this city.”

He advised that anyone interested in obtaining a sign, can go to the city’s website and fill out an application. Adding that the signs are only for those who apply.

Those who already have a sign are supposed to re-apply each year. They can expect to receive a letter or a visit from a city representative to discuss if the sign is still being used.

“It hasn’t been done in years,” DiCiccio said. “Now people can expect to get a renewal letter. We need to open up spaces for parking.”

The commission is also enlisting the public’s help to let them know if there is an abandoned sign.

The city’s website is www.revere.org then select “Departments” and then “Boards and Commission” and finally “Commission on Disabilities” for a requirements and an application. Or call 781-286-8267 for more information.

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