Revere DPW Update: Operations Will be Moved to a Temporary Mobile Facility

By Mayor Brian Arrigo

Last night, the Revere City Council approved my request for an $82,000 appropriation to pay for both a lease of land and the procurement of mobile trailers to temporarily move DPW operations.

The site we have identified to lease for use of trailers is adjacent to the current DPW facility, which means the workers will continue to have convenient access to equipment stored in the current yard. We explored a number of other alternatives, but this was ultimately determined to be the best choice to ensure future efficient operation of the DPW.

With funding secured as of last night, we have begun procuring the actual trailers, which takes several weeks in order to comply with state procurement law.

From day one of my administration, we have sought to address the long-term neglect of the DPW.

It will come as no surprise to any Revere resident that  we expect a long-term fix of the current DPW facility is going to be complicated and expensive. That said, we will work to develop a realistic and cost-effective plan for the complete reconstruction or repair of either the current facility, or a move to a new permanent facility.

In the interim, the short term solution of mobile units will allow DPW to operate in a safer environment for the next few years – an important goal, after decades of neglect of the current facility.

Additionally, we have begun to upgrade the DPW’s vehicles and equipment, giving the workers the tools they need to serve the public. A $1.5 million investment was made this year, to begin replacing the current equipment, which is mostly 12-20 years old. The new purchases that have already been made include a new hot box for pothole repairs, a crane truck, two pickup trucks, three one-ton dump trucks, a trash compactor truck, and a small chipper. We will continue to upgrade more equipment in the next few years.

Last but not least, we will continue to focus on giving the DPW more manpower, which is badly needed. The city is currently hiring for the DPW/Water and Sewer Laborer position; the job description and information on how to apply is available at

We will not continue the decades of neglect of the DPW. We will make these strategic investments, which will pay off in the form of improved public services.

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