Always Room for One More:Cutting to Hold Fundraiser to Help Care for Stray Animals

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

Lisa Cutting is well-known for her work in the canine circle. As owner of  Ocean View Kennel on North Shore Road and her rescue work with animals, especially dogs,  she gives every dog that crosses her path 100 percent care.

If a dog needs medical care she gets it. If there’s a need for a foster home Cutting either takes the dog in or finds someone who can. It’s a labor of love and one that most times comes out of her own wallet, but Cutting wouldn’t have it any other way.

Right now Cutting has a few dogs that need homes. There’s Alex, a small poodle found on the streets of Revere. He’s been with Cutting since March when he was found badly matted with overgrown nails. He’s now featured on the Missing Dogs Massachusetts website.

There are all kinds of reasons for why dogs end up on their own, and lucky to find their way to Cutting.

“People dump senior age dogs,” Cutting said. “The opiate epidemic has contributed too. Dogs are being left in empty apartments or get loose and people never claim them.”

A dog found by the city can only be held for seven days and then there is a possibility they will be euthanized.

“I keep so many of them,” Cutting said.

When she does get a stray she typically has them for six to seven months. During that time the dogs get medical treatment, house breaking lessons, a home to live in, food and socializing skills.

And while some may think it’s all pit bulls, Cutting contends there are all kinds of dogs.

“It’s all breeds and older ones,” Cutting said.

Cutting is on just about every animal control officer’s telephone list. Right now she holds dogs for the communities of Revere, Malden, Everett, Winthrop and Chelsea.

She even shared how one time someone came in to board their dog for two weeks. After the two weeks the owners never came back and Cutting ended up with a $2,000 medical bill. Another dog, a pitfall was also left for boarding and the owner never returned. Cutting ended up with a medical bill for an tumor in the ear canal, shots and aftercare.

In August, Cutting will be holding a fundraiser to help care for the dogs.

“They get the best food and toys,” Cutting said. “My heart breaks for them. This is not a place for them to retire and die.”

Another dog she is caring for is Macy, a two-year-old mix, that no one claimed when she was found in Winthrop.

“It’s sad she’s growing up here,” Cutting said.

When Cutting is not working with dogs she works as a private duty nurse and a waitress.

“My tips go to the dogs,” she said. “They deserve love everyday.”

Right now Cutting has 13 homeless dogs and plans to hold a fundraiser in August to help cover the medical and feeding expenses.

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