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American Legion Post 61 encourages community to wear a red poppy

With Memorial Day on the horizon, American Legion Post 61 reminds the public that Congress has designated May 26, as National Poppy Day. The American Legion encourages all patriotic Americans to wear or display a red poppy as a symbol of remembrance and hope.

“The American  Legion is  pleased to  have brought National Poppy Day- to the United States,”    said Bill Chisholm, Commander of American  Legion  Post 61. “   Wearing a  poppy the Friday before Memorial  Day is done to remember  those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and as a symbol of hope for the generations  to come who will answer our nation’s call to  military service. It is important for Americans to  remember  that we have an  entirely new group of veterans, and supporting them and their families is absolutely essential.”


The red poppy came to symbolize the blood shed by those who fought and those who continue to still fight for our country following World War I. It was popularized by the publication of the wartime poem “  In Flanders Fields.”The poem was writtenbyLt.Col.JohnMcCrae,M.D.,whileservingonthefrontlineinWorldWarI,tohonorsoldierskilledinbattle.In1920, thepoppybecametheofficialflowerofTheAmericanLegionFamily.


Eachyear,membersofTheAmericanLegionFamily,ledbytheAmericanLegionAuxiliary,distributepoppieswitharequest that the person receiving the flower make a donation. All donations received on National Poppy Day will be used by The AmericanLegiontosupportthefutureoflocalveterans,active-dutymilitarypersonnelandtheirfamilieswithmedicaland financialneeds.Thisyear,TheBoeingCompanybecamethefirstNationalPoppyDay-sponsor.


For more information about National Poppy Day andtopurchase poppy-themed items visit us online at



About The American Legion


The American Legion is the largest U.S. wartime veterans service organization with 2.1 million members in nearly 14,000 posts in communities worldwide. Chartered by Congress in 1919, The American Legion is committed to mentoring youth, advocating patriotism,  promoting strong national security,  and devotion  to service members and veterans.

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