Disability Commission Seeks Input from Public

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

The Commission on Disabilities is back in business and is seeking the public’s input on a couple of ideas.

Two issues the commission will be working on is the need for an office space for the commission and the handicap parking signs used in front of some homes.

Co-chair Ralph Decicco said the process for getting a handicap sign used to be under the traffic clerk, but now it will be under the commission.

“We will try to streamline the process. We want to get feedback from residents,” Decicco said. “We will research all the signs that are up now. There are some people still on the books for a sign who may have moved or passed away. Parking is at premium in this city for everyone.

Those seeking a sign will have to meet some criteria. First, the driveway at the property must not be accessible. There needs to be a doctor’s note and the eligibility for the sign will be review on an annual basis.

Representatives have also been talking with the League for Special Needs at 200 Winthrop Ave. about utilizing some space in the building for an office and storage space for medical equipment. But final approval needs to come from the League’s Board.

Co-chair David Hahesy said they are constantly looking for input from the public of all ages.

Decicco said the commission will also be working on audible crosswalk signals, the accessibility of public buildings, access for all at the beach and fining those motorists who park on all or part of the sidewalks.

The commission was established decades ago under Massachusetts General Laws. The commission is also supposed to meet 10 times a year and submit an annual report. In the past couple of years the commission faded away.

The commission will now meet once a month on the second Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. in city hall. An annual report will also be filed. The next meeting of the commission will be Feb. 14.

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