Arrigo Explains Position on Police Chief

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

Mayor Brian Arrigo said his decision not to renew Police Chief Joseph Cafarelli’s contract is neither personal nor political.

On Monday morning, Arrigo said the five-year contract for Cafarelli will be up for renewal on June 30 and clause in the contract maintains that he must let Cafarelli know six months in advance if the contract was not going to be renewed. If he had not notified Cafarelli, the contract would automatically be renewed.

Cafarelli has been a member of the Revere Police Department for the past 25 years and worked under former Police Chief Terence Reardon.  Cafarelli was appointed in 2012 by former Mayor Dan Rizzo.

Arrgio thanked Cafarelli for his service to the the City and he appreciates the work that he has done.

Cafarelli has a military background, having served in Beirut and other Mediterranean areas. He was also active in the Marine reserves. On the policing side Cafarelli has worked on Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), the Boston Marathon bombings, and regional Special Weapons and Tactical (SWAT).

“I wanted my own contract with the police chief. I won’t go into my personal decision,” Arrigo said. “I want the department to move more in the direction of community engagement and focus on neighborhood engagement. I am committed to the safety of the city.”

Arrigo said there will be an assessment process to select the next chief. The search will be advertised and applicants will come from within the department and outside of the local ranks. Any member of the Revere Police Department who has been a lieutenant for five years or holds the rank of captain may apply for the job. Arrgio said so far he knows of three people who are interested in the post.

“We’ll look for the best quality and use the same process as filling this position as any other city position,” Arrigo said. “The professional process works for everyone.”

Last year Cafarelli salary was $220,000, Arrgio said. He doesn’t know the salary for the new chief yet but he believes it will be lower.

Arrgio has a clear vision as to how he wants to see the City’s police department work. Involvement in the neighborhoods, from the chief to patrol officers is of the utmost importance.

“We are small enough to be able to have that kind of public safety department,” Arrigo said.

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