Revere Says NO to Slots

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

By a 2-1 margin Revere voters said no to a proposal to bring a slots parlor to the city. Voters will be back at it statewide on Nov. 8 when a similar question is posed.

By the time the polls closed at 8 p.m. Tuesday night, 2,970 voters said “no” and 1,574 said “yes.” Not one precinct had “yes” voters outnumbering “no” voters. There were 27,570 eligible voters and turnout was approximately 17 percent.

The ballot question asked voters if they would agree to a zoning change that would allow for a slots parlor casino on the site of the current Lee’s Trailer Park on Revere Beach Parkway.

There were 502 absentee votes recorded.

“This shows we have educated voters,” said Councillor John Powers.

“Polls indicate support and we know there are 500 jobs and $5 million for the city,” said Nick Connors of the “Yes on Question 1” campaign.

Mayor Brian Arrigo said, “The people of Revere sent a resounding message that no amount of dark money or misleading advertising can sway them from the high standards we hold in the community.”

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