Great News from Revere Schools

The story in last week’s Journal about Revere High senior Luke Hartnett’s acceptance to MIT and the news that senior Alicia Barry has been admitted to Harvard University, puts an exclamation point on the fine work performed day-in and day-out by the teachers, administrators, and students in the Revere public schools.

The success in getting our RHS grads into top-notch colleges, including the Ivies, year-after-year shows that public education is working well in the City of Revere.

This decades-long progress of improving the local schools at an affordable cost is especially good news for local homeowners and taxpayers.  Starting with former Superintendents Carol Tye and continuing with Dr. Paul Dakin and now Superintendent Dianne Kelley, Revere’s schools are a cornerstone of why families are moving to our city.

This quality public education means that there are buyers waiting for many of the single-family homes in Revere.  In addition, the quality of the schools means that dedicated and committed parents, who see a high-quality public education as the first step of success for their children, are eager to rent apartments in the multi-unit housing that is predominant in areas of the city such as Shirley Ave.

These are the future residents who will keep Revere moving ahead and we have our good schools to thank for this positive thrust forward.

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