The Cleanup Is On

Mayor Brian Arrigo’s “Beautify Revere” series is set to begin this Saturday at 10 a.m.  We urge residents and business owners in the Oak Island Park area to attend the event.

As always after the winter, our streets and parks need a complete cleaning.  Debris litters many of the street gutters.

It seems that every year there is more trash to cleanup.  Maybe this can be blamed on the plastic bags and packaging of so many items.

Long-gone are the days when you could buy a soda without the plastic and wrapping that are guaranteed to last 20,000 years.

No one likes to pick up other people’s trash.  But we are asking residents to be bigger than this and help give Revere a clean sweep, especially in our parks that our children and grandchildren will use in the months ahead.

The first cleanup will be this Saturday at Oak Island Park.  The other cleanup dates are as follows:

April 23: West Revere

April 30: North Revere

June 19: Gibson Park, Point of Pines

August 13: Revere Street Business District

August 27: Broadway Business District

October 15: Beachmont Square Business District

October 22: Rumney Marsh Burial Ground

As Mayor Arrigo succinctly and correctly points out: “Hopefully these events can serve as a year-long reminder of the importance of keeping our City clean and treating our public spaces with respect.”

For more information about Beautify Revere events, contact Revere Neighborhood Organizer Elle Baker at [email protected]

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