Good Luck,Council President Giannino

It’s a new era for the Revere City Council as Jessica Giannino begins her term as the new president of the 11-member body.

Giannino is one of the few women ever to hold this prestigious office and at the age of 24 one of the youngest.

She certainly has a mandate from the residents, having received the most votes in the past two councillor-at-large elections. She has proven to be an effective and accessible city councillor who does her homework and articulates her opinion well on issues.

And now it is her job to keep the meetings flowing smoothly, the discussions proceeding amicably, and insuring that the rules regarding the Council are followed precisely as they appear in the city charter.

There will be instances when Giannino will have to use her discretion if she believes a speaker is straying from the topic at hand or using the forum to express personal opinions against an individual or a group. We’re confident that she will conduct meetings fairly and professionally – in fact, that is one of the priorities she expressed in a story in this week’s Revere Journal.

Giannino can also count on the support of her colleagues, who unanimously supported her candidacy for the position. Previous Council President John Powers delivered a heartfelt introduction of Giannino at the inauguration and Giannino saw the professional manner in which Mr. Powers oversaw Council matters large and small.

As a graduate of Revere High School and a member of a longtime and well-known Revere family, Jessica Giannino knows what residents expect from their public officials and the important role the Council plays in the day-to-day life in this city.

Giannino was first elected to the Council in 2011, the same year when Brian Arrigo became a councillor-at-large. Today they hold the two most visible positions in city government. We believe they will continue the progress of the previous administration and move Revere forward.

Jessica Giannino has been a source of pride for her family and a role model for students in the city. It’s a great time to live in Revere and Jessica Giannino is part of the next generation of community leaders ready to accept the mantle of leadership.

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