ConCom Approves Amendments for Project

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

The Conservation Commission approved an amendment to the order of conditions for the Baystone Development which proposes to build a five-story apartment building at 526-546 Revere Beach Boulevard.

According to Richard Salvo, of Engineering Alliance Inc., Saugus, these amendments are minor modifications to the order of conditions due to the change in the proposed construction on the site.

“The former owner of the (proposed) Ocean Club had a 2006 DEP permit and the lender took back the property,” Salvo said.

The following natural resources are existing to be considered are a barrier beach, a salt marsh and land subject to coastal zone flowage. Water, sewer and gas utilities are already in place for the site. Storm water flow has also been addressed in the plans. There will be a deep sump catch basin, a pump to pump storm water up the driveway  through a special perforated pipe and a French drain system. There will be drains in the lower level garage in the event of a flood, most typically one known as a 100-year flood. This typically is categorized by having seven inches of rain within a 24-hour period. In a catastrophic situation the cars in the garage would be evacuated.

Ward 5 Councillor John Powers attended the meeting and reiterated that he favors the project.

“It’s not something I normally do with apartments,” Powers said, adding that this project does not involve taking commercial property away from the city to make apartments. He noted that roughly $600,000 will come into the city from taxes.

Powers pointed out that the city could apply those funds toward opening the Point of Pines Fire Station. He is concerned about response times.

“It’s a also a benefit to the city to have businesses down there,” Powers said, adding that the young people who will rent have disposable income.

The Zoning Commission has already awarded developers of 524-546 Revere Beach Boulevard setback variances for a 234-unit apartment building on the site of a formerly proposed development that never came to fruition.

The new owners, Weston-based developers Baystone Development purchased the 2.14 acre site of 526-546 Revere Beach Boulevard in September 2015 for $4.5 million.

Plans for this development call for a five-story, wood frame construction with 133 one-bedroom units, 34 studio units and 67 two-bedroom units. There will be 359 parking spaces and two levels of garage parking. The total footprint of the development is 64,018 square feet.

The previous developers had proposed a 13-story condominium development.

Attorney James Cipoletta, representing Baystone Development, said the project will next have to obtain site plan approval from the city.

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