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Looking at the recount

Dear Editor:

There is a new principle of law enforcement that has surface in Massachusetts. Revere Journal (RJ), 12/23/2015, p. 2: Judge Orders Recount for Mayoral Election: “Brian McNiff, spokesman for the Secretary of State’s office, said there will not be a representative from the secretary’s office at the recount because it is a local matter. The City election took place on Nov. 3 with incumbent Mayor Rizzo and Brian Arrigo…”

It appears, City of Revere official election results are no longer protected by prior laws of the State of Massachusetts, from arbitrary intervention into Board of Election Commissioners’ decisions, by powerful government operatives, such as Justice Heidi Brieger. Their expeditious intervention: Appeal to the courts of law of Massachusetts, which, ultimately, are regulated by the Supreme Judicial Court, and, run by the Executive Director of Supreme Judicial Court Mayor (till 2012) Thomas Ambrosino,  the current Chelsea City Manager.

RJ: “Rizzo requested a recount from the Revere Board of Elections Commission but no action was taken at the Nov. 23 public hearing. Rizzo filed suit seeking a recount.”

RJ: “Justice Heidi Brieger ordered that the City of Revere Election Commission conduct a recount of the votes cast in the Nov. 3 Revere mayoral election in a ruling Thursday afternoon at Suffolk Superior.”

RJ: “Brieger said…I find also that the mayor intended to seek a recount. Brieger added, if injunctive relief is not rendered, I also find that there is a likelihood that hundreds of voters will forever wonder whether their vote was true…”

RJ: “Rizzo aid he was ‘gratified’ by the court’s decision.

“I am not asking for anything that any other candidate in the past hasn’t asked for with a close election.”

Stukuls: Really? That’s not believable!

Others had legal standing, for they complied with all necessary legal preconditions.

RJ: “Attorneys…Favuzza…of DeMoura/Smith LLP represented Rizzo in the proceedings. “…said Favuzza. ‘The law says there must be substantial compliance…that the will of the voters (‘Stukuls: Who determined the will of the voters???”)  is carried out and the other that there is no fraud.”

RJ: “Arrigo was present at the hearing and was represented by attorney Dennis Newman…who assisted Vice President Al Gore in the 2000 Presidential Election that was won by George W. Bush…”

Stukuls: Now “…voters will forever wonder whether their vote was true and whether or not their vote counted and will forever wonder about…” the possible fraud in the recount.

Who will have been watching, and whose people will have performed the recount? Mostly Rizzo’s people? Computer generated results are much more dependable than what a bunch of political hacks will have produced at the recount.

RJ: “Brian McNiff…the recount…is a local matter.”

Mayor Dan Rizzo: “City of Revere Our strength lies within our people 2014”

Stukuls: What about “those other people”?


Edward Stukuls

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