Letters to the Editor

Seeking an end to   gun violence

Dear Editor:

To anyone who prays for the gun violence to stop, I have some bad news, it never will. There will be more mass shootings, more people dying from gang violence. More mothers and fathers lives changed forever.

Jeb Bush, when asked about a mass shooting in Oregon, said, “Stuff happens.” President Obama’s answer when asked, “ Is there something you can do?” He said…”No”. There you have it.

Even with what just happened in this country and Paris, nothing changes with gun control. Even when in the president’s hometown of Chicago, where there were more than 5 dozen shooting victims over the Fourth of July weekend alone; No changes. The Republican’s love affair with the NRA, the gun lobby, makes it a certainty that people, innocent people will die.

You have to ask yourself, how many people have to die before someone; somewhere does something to end this insanity?

This abomination, this insult to humanity itself has got to stop.

Richard Dolan

Update on roof at Senior Center

Dear Editor:

Although seniors have been out of the Winthrop Ave building since November 30 as instructed by the project manager due to the initial start date of the first week of December, the actual roof renovation work began last week, Monday,  December 14. Gibson Roofing Company situated their equipment in the parking lot and driveway and hoisted all their machinery onto the roof. They have been stripping the five layers off the surface since then. Tougher than they thought. The history of neglect is very apparent. But, the weather has certainly helped the workers. The building has been opened two Saturdays in a row as they keep the process moving along. There is no end date in sight yet.

 The Joseph L. Mottolo Post has been a good temporary home. They are extremely accommodating to our staff and seniors. Our Christmas party last week was awesome – 80 seniors enjoyed a full course meal, entertainment and drawings.

 Each day the staff and I are cooking (two of our three part-time kitchen help have been out due to illness) at both locations on occasion and we continue to maintain our average hot meals programs for 225-250 seniors per week as well as for coffee, muffins, and donuts for breakfast. The shuttle service has been non-stop. In fact, we are now averaging more passengers than previously to this move. Increased usage is a result of more and more seniors not being able to drive and more and more medical appointments being scheduled.

 I want you to know that every one of the staff has been unbelievable. Their adaptability and willingness to do anything and everything is incredible.  We transport food inventory, paper products, and office materials to and from the Senior Center to the Mottolo Post each day. As I always say, we are a human services department. We do more than host a luncheon or party or run trips. Seniors have a myriad of personal needs and many are alone or have adult children who aren’t attentive to them. I could provide so many examples. It’s sad. The Senior Center is their life. But, they are happy being able to get out of the house and socialize. When you see this every day, it is very heartfelt and satisfying. And, they have been very adaptive to the Mottolo Post.

Good news – Since our vacancy, except for one or two staffers to answer phones, which is our lifeline to seniors, our dining room, hallways and vestibules on the first floor have been freshly painted. It looks fantastic. Thanks to Salvy Curiale who has taken this task on with fervor to get it done. I can’t wait for seniors to walk through the doors and see their faces when they return.

 May each of you have a Merry and Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

 Stephen Fielding


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