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Morabito considering a run for State Senate

Dear Editor:

Over the past few days, I have received phone calls inquiring and suggesting that I run for Massachusetts Senate of the First Suffolk & Middlesex state district. After such positive feedback, it is with great certainty I am considering to run for senator.

After 17 years of serving our Commonwealth, Senator Anthony Petruccelli will resign his seat. The Senator’s commitment and service to the people of this district are things we should look for in our next Senator. I believe I can accomplish this challenge and work to the best of our peoples’ needs.

In light of recent terror attacks I feel the safety and security of our loved ones and neighbors is a top priority in which we must be proactive, not just reactive. I will also intensely focus my energy on rising health care costs, rigorous education standards, and public health matters such as the opiate epidemic we’re facing in our Commonwealth.

I hold it firmly to heart that actions speak louder than words, and I follow this belief to better the lives of the people I love and all those I am elected to represent.

Steven Morabito

Revere City Councillor-at-Large

Legislation is necessary

Dear Editor:

I was not surprised to read the article about Roselee Vincent’s legislation regarding the criminalization for the removal of veterans, police and fire, commemorative flag holders, markers on the graves of veterans ,police officers and fire fighters. This law, House Bill 3173, protects these markers of those who served in the military, police officers and firefighters. Representative Vincent, since her election, has had as a priority, that those who serve the people at risk to their lives should be recognized and honored. While the need for such legislation is reprehensible it is, unfortunately necessary. Representative Vincent, along with Nick Bua, Revere Director of Veterans’ Affairs, have been active in trying to get our veterans priority housing in Revere. Governor Baker has on his desk a letter from Representative Vincent requesting the governor to review this request.

Representative Vincent has also developed a strong working relationship with the governor. The result, as an example, is his signature on House Bill 3173. On behalf of all the people of Revere, I extend my thanks to Representative Vincent for all she is doing for our city.

 Bill Jackson

Re Inventing Revere

Dear Editor:

Where does the City of Revere stand in the coming years? Some of us inspire to have a beach with Hotels. Office buildings to be constructed in old abandoned dog tracks. New housing in old neighborhoods for regrowth.
There is a revitalization of old strip malls in Revere, but people now complain of increased traffic from their success.

We have a City with (3) three T stations on the Blue Line and future access to the Purple Line, and this is the business criteria the city needs to develop.
 Some look to the City of Chelsea with 22 tax improvement TIFF’s agreements that Revere should also compete for. Others look to East Boston to see a real estate market that’s on fire. There are problems in both of these so-called model solutions.

What Revere does possess is location. We can achieve all that we have thought of, if we use our location to our advantage. We are minutes away from insurance companies headquarters, hospitals and major universities. You cannot operate world-class schools and hospitals with a third world Internet. We are in a digital divide. We live in the right spot to re-invent ourselves by developing the fastest Internet around the HUB of Boston, and all these business’s that surround us.

The U.S. ranks 26th in the world in Internet speed. The fastest Internet speed belongs to cities such as Seoul, South Korea, and Hong Kong, China .These cities are 6 times faster than any city in the U.S. Presently we are about 6 MB per second.
We need to ask the state and the FCC to negate all Internet regulations and seek waivers so the City of Revere and the City of Boston ( Suffolk Downs ) can have the fastest internet on the east coast. Other cities such as Chattanooga and Atlanta have received these waivers. Business and Universities will stand in line to build in Revere in order to support HUB business’s and universities. A 1000/1000 Mbps symmetrical Gigabit is obtainable and is in the near future.

We lost the casino bid but if we re-wire the City of Revere it will be a place where casino offices will want to be, and where hospital research need to be. 
Four years ago, Councillor-Elect George Rotondo proposed a medical office park at the old Wonderland site. He proposed this again in the last election. I believe people in Revere will accept this concept because we will not have to build schools.

There is a void in the Internet speeds and Revere with its location and can achieve something that’s in the future, with Internet speed. Revere’s aim should be a 1000 megs per second. That means, to download a HD movie it would take you 30 seconds. The battle as to who can provide the fastest Internet is heating up and for once Revere sits in the right place.

To re-wire Revere would be a $200 million bond investment that would take Revere into the next century. This would attract commercial development with no added schools to be constructed. To re-wire the City of Boston and Cambridge would be to costly and probably in the billions. Revere with it open space and T access would be just like little Miss Goldilocks, it would be just right.
 The technology now exist and it’s something the medical research, insurance companies headquarters, and universities data banks (such as MIT , BU ,and Harvard ) will need in the near future.

They all need to be where there’s a fast Internet .

Hal Abrams

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