Good Luck, Revere Pop Warner

We wish the Revere Pop Warner’s three cheerleading squads good luck as they head to Disney to compete in the National Championships.

These young athletes have already distinguished themselves by winning the New England Regionals. They will now compete for the national title against squads from all regions of the United States.

The Revere teams have enjoyed much success in  previous national competitions but more importantly, the cheerleaders have represented our city with sportsmanship and pride while also learning from their coaches the importance of teamwork, togetherness, dedication, and practice.

What’s also good about this athletic experience is that the Revere coaches are in essence promoting physical fitness and good health through the cheerleaders’ participation in this sport. And we will argue with anyone who says that cheerleading is not a sport. These cheerleaders bring skill, talent, coordination, and finesse to their routines that are performed in front of large audiences and a panel of judges who are professional trained to evaluate each aspect of the presentation.

Revere is already known far and wide for being a cheerleading powerhouse. RPW President Craig Elam and all the officers, coaches, cheerleaders, football players and their families can be proud of their accomplishments during the 2015 season.

We join the community in saying to our Pop Warner cheerleading teams: Good luck, be safe and bring the national championship trophies back to Revere.

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