Rizzo Tells Shaw’s Site Developers to Withdraw Proposal

Last week, I sent a letter telling the developer of the former Shaw’s site to withdraw their proposed plans for residential development.

 Based on my conversation with residents across Revere, it is clear we do not want more residential development. The people have spoken, and I have listened. And I have made that message clear to the developers.

Nothing will move forward on that site without a full, open discussion and public process that completely vets the merits of any proposal and how it impacts our neighborhoods.

Further, I am calling for a moratorium on all large-scale residential development. Any discussions of residential development going forward will take place within the framework of Plan Revere. We will rely on significant input from Revere residents to shape the future of our city. 

Plan Revere means, just like with this project, that YOU decide.

Dan Rizzo is the Mayor of Revere

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