My Position On the Shaw’s Site Development

By Joanne McKenna

I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to all the people who reached out to me recently with their calls, texts, and messages on Facebook. Their support and understanding with my vote at the August 24 Revere Council Meeting was greatly appreciated.

My vote was to allow the developers of the Shaw’s Site the opportunity to present their plans to the Revere City Council and to the public at a later date.

I am not in favor of a 301-unit residential development at the Shaw’s Site. I have always felt it was too big for the area and would have voted ‘No’ if the vote came to the Council that night, but that was not the case.

The developers cancelled their presentation without prejudice.

If I voted ‘No,’ not allowing the developers to come back to the table and present their plans, it would be sending a message out to other developers that they can’t do business in Revere. That is not the reputation we want for Revere.

I have lived and worked in Revere my entire life and have always given 100 percent of my efforts to our community and the Revere Public School System to make Revere, Ward 1 and especially Beachmont, a cleaner, safer and better place for everyone, especially for our children, to live.

I have always had the best interest at heart for Revere and the people that live here. I would never subject the people of Revere to a development that would be detrimental to our city. I had explained my stand on this issue to many people well before the Council meeting on August 24.

For those who did not agree with my vote: I did not vote in favor for the Shaw’s complex to be developed. I only voted in favor of giving the developers the opportunity to modify and present their plan. No one should ever be denied the opportunity to speak, whether you agree or disagree with what they are presenting.

For the people of Ward 1: we have a long and strong bond of respect, friendship, and camaraderie with each other. I look forward to working with all of you on this and other issues.

I will give you 100 percent of my effort to work for you, be visible and available to anyone that has a concern or needs help.

Joanne McKenna is the Ward 1 Councillor

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