Steven Morabito Seeks Re-Election for Councillor-At-Large Seat

My name is Steven Morabito.  I am a life-long resident of Revere.  I graduated from Revere High School and received my Bachelor’s Degree

in Business Management from Salem State University.  I currently serve as “one” of your “five” City Councillors-at-Large.

I am running for re-election, because I strongly believe that Revere is moving in the right direction.  Revere is a city that works, and it’s imperative that we continue to work to improve how city government functions.  Aside from government employees, government does not create jobs, but it does provide the foundation that economic development is built on.  Our city is positioning itself well for economic development.  Leaders who want MORE for Revere and MORE for its people are needed.  Revere will be a player in the future for new jobs, and I want to be part of the effort to achieve this goal, but there is MORE we can do.

First, we must continue to promote life-long learning, it’s no secret that well educated communities are successful communities.  We should be proud of our excellent school system.   I thank all of those who are responsible for a achieving a school system that has been nationally recognized.  Also, we need to convince the state to work with the city on economic development; it’s time to take a more active role in this effort.  Revere is a burgeoning success story, and we need to make sure everyone knows it.   I truly believe Revere’s best days are ahead, and we will accomplish great things working together as a community.  I look forward to the challenges ahead.  I am excited by the opportunity, you the people of Revere have given me to serve as Revere City Councillor-at-Large

Since I was elected, I have served two years on the Council subcommittees of Appointments & Personnel Administration, Legislative Affairs, Youth, Parks and Recreation, Veteran’s Affairs and Ways & Means.  I was not only chosen to serve on 6 out of the 10 subcommittees, but I also served as the Chairman for Elder Affairs.  As the chairman, I used my position to allow members of the senior center to state their concerns and to relay information about current and future events to other senior citizens around the city.  I care deeply about our senior citizens and their voice must be heard.  I understand that high taxes and water rates are serious problems for our citizens, especially our seniors who are on a fixed income and I will work to reduce or stabilize them.

I met some of you on the campaign trail and a lot of people know of me because I was the manager at Johnnie’s Foodmaster Supermarkets.  I managed the overall level of customer service for the store for 16 years.  This gave me excellent experience in listening to the people, and most importantly, reacting to resolve issues on a daily basis.  Since I started in office, I   have given a high level of service to the people of this great city as I did with Customer Service at Johnnie’s Foodmaster Supermarkets.

I am currently a Realtor for Century 21 North Shore. Therefore, I have a vast knowledge of the economic landscape in Revere when it comes to development and what we need to do, to prosper as a city.  The first step to building the economic landscape for Revere is to focus on the marketing of our city.  We need development that does not drastically increase the school enrollment.  We need development that attracts young professionals who will not only come to Revere to work, but to live and invest in our local economy.

Marketing to biotech companies would be a great source of revenue for our city.  The industry hires many of young professionals who will not only come here to work, but to live and invest in the local economy.   At the same time, we must keep in mind the residents who live near future development.  For example, Revere Beach residents moved to the beach to have a better quality of life. Therefore, to keep their best interests in mind when making these decisions is very important.  This applies to citizens throughout the city.   We must have a good balance of commercial development without disturbing the residents.  This could stabilize or lower the residential tax rate if we bring commercial real estate into Revere.  We have a lot of mom & pop stores whose businesses are hurting on Broadway. Many owners have expressed to me the lack of business they receive. We need to attract those who care about our city and those who will invest in our local businesses.

I humbly ask for your support once again as I run for re-election.  Please consider me, Steven Morabito for “one” of your “five” votes on September 1st.  I welcome you to contact me with questions, concerns or suggestions you have about me or my campaign.  Please don’t hesitate to find me of Facebook and follow me on twitter.  You can also call me directly at 781-420-6975 and email me at [email protected].

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