School Bells Ringing

 We remember when the school year started on the Wednesday after Labor Day but today school in most communities begins well before – and with that in mind – we wish the Revere public schools and their new leader, Supt. of Schools Dr. Dianne Kelly, good luck as the 2015-16 academic year begins.

The students at the beautiful new Hill Elementary School begin classes today and next week other students at the elementary, middle, and high schools in Revere will have their first day of classes after a summer break.

There is something special and memorable about each first day of school each year. Whether it’s the first time a teacher greets new students for the first time and talks about expectations for the year ahead or a student meeting a new classmate for the first time (and many times classmates become friends for a lifetime) – the start of a year is a time of excitement and promise.

In Revere, students and parents have been fortunate to see their public school system become one of the finest in Massachusetts and a national model for how education is delivered in an urban school setting. For that we can thank Superintendent Emeritus, Dr. Paul Dakin, whose leadership and innovative ideas set the foundation for Revere’s ascension to excellence.

The dedicated staffs of teachers who work so diligently in our schools each day are another source of pride for the Revere school system. Their hard work and commitment to the academic progress of each student is worthy of commendation but often unheralded.

There is considerable excitement in the school system as the aforementioned Hill School opens and the brand new Harry Della Russo Stadium next door readies for its grand opening ceremony on Sept. 11.

Our Revere school system is in great hands with Supt. Dianne Kelly and Assistant Supts. Christopher Malone and Daniele Mokaba leading the way, and we anticipated another productive year ahead with our high school seniors and student leaders making plans for college.

And, we also welcome aboard Frank Shea in his capacity as the athletic director for the Revere schools. We expect our athletic program will benefit greatly for his exceptional leadership and his past experiences as a highly successful coach who knows how to motivate athletes toward high goals.

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