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Participatory Budgeting will give residents a real say in how their tax dollars are spent

Dear Editor,

We’ve long believed that residents deserve to have more of a say in how government spends their tax dollars. That is why next year, my administration will be introducing a pilot participatory budgeting initiative – a democratic process where all Revere citizens can vote on how the City spends a portion of its Capital Budget.

During next year’s budget process, the City will set aside $100,000 from the FY2017 Capital Budget for projects approved and voted on by residents of the community.

A Participatory Budgeting Steering Committee, made up of residents, city officials, and representatives from local non-profits, business, and community groups will be charged with setting guidelines for implementation. This committee will work to create a concrete list of ten projects that can be implemented during the FY2017 construction season. Residents, during the spring of 2016, will be asked to vote at the Elections Department in Revere City Hall for up to two of the ten proposed projects. Obviously, those two projects receiving the highest number of votes will be selected.

Participatory budgeting will directly involve residents in the budgeting and infrastructure process, foster civic engagement, build community spirit, and help ensure that the City’s Capital Budget reflects the priorities of our residents.

Most people I talk to care deeply about Revere and have great ideas for ways to improve our community. I am confident that you all will make this pilot program a great success, and one that we can expand into future budgets.

Dan Rizzo,
Mayor of Revere

The City of Revere Community Scholarship Program members thank generous donors who have contributed between January 1, through May12, 2015

DIAMOND – $250.00

Anonymous (1)

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Ms. Evelyn Morris


Michael Casoli, Jr.

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Dr. Paul & Mary Ellen Dakin

Councilor John F. Powers

Catherine A. Romano

Ms. Carol A. Tye

Anonymous (10)

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Banana Boat Ice Cream

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David R. Fabri

N & M Giacobbe

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Rose Marie Tomasino

Top Coats & Tails (Brenda Suppa)

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Lynne A. Barrasso

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Law Office of Kim Marie Phelan, LLC

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Eileene Sherriff

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Atlantic Upholstery

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