Letters to the Editor

Thank You from RSCHP

Dear Edior:

On behalf of the Revere Society for Cultural & Historic Preservation (RSCHP) we would like to thank all those who visited our booth and exhibit at the recent Sand Sculpting Festival.  We were gratified to have so many folks, old and young, Revere residents and visitors, share with us their memories of Revere and the Beach and ask us questions about the history of our City and the nation’s first public beach.

We loved hearing their stories and their support for our efforts to collect and preserve the history of Revere and to put much of it on display at the Revere History Museum (the former Immaculate Conception Church Rectory.)

We want to remind your readers that membership in RSCHP is open to all. You do not need to be a Revere resident.  Membership dues start as low as $15.00 for seniors.

Membership meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at 6pm at the Museum and we often have a speaker or other presentation as well as refreshments.

Many visitors at the Beach told us of memorabilia they would like to share with us and we encourage them to follow up on this by contacting us through Facebook at https:/www.facebook.com/reverehistory or by visiting the Museum at 108 Beach Street in Revere.  We are open on Saturdays from 1-4 pm and admission is free.  We can also be reached at 781-286-2226.

We are looking forward to being part of next year’s Festival!

Toby Pearlstein

Membership Chair


Lots happening at Senior Center

Dear Editor :

On behalf of the Rossetti-Cowan senior Center staff and Morris Morris, our resident DJ, I would like to thank Joe and Carol DeSantis, and Rev. Nicholas Granitsas of The  First Congregational Church of Revere for their extreme generosity. The Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center’s wireless microphone was severely damaged recently and not able to be repaired. Carol immediately stepped up, spoke to her husband Joe, and with the approval and kindness of Rev. Granitsas delivered a brand new, donated wireless microphone. Additionally, Carol donates food items from their food pantry for seniors when she has an abundance of inventory. She is truly a wonderful and giving person. Thank you!

New class added: “Core and Balance Workouts with Sharon Fillyaw” will take place on Monday afternoons from 2:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M. and on Friday morning, 11:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. This class is a vigorous senior class designed to focus on core, flexibility strength training and fall prevention. Designed to accommodate all fitness level the class will work with a range of dynamic movements to bring seniors through a full range of motion for the arms, shoulders, back and legs.  There is also focus on leg strength to facilitate movement in and out of a chair or to right oneself after a fall.

“Line Dancing with Emily Brenner” will take place each Monday afternoon from 1:00 P.M. – 1:45 P.M starting on Monday, June 15th. Have fun learning popular, favorite, and traditional line steps. Get your feet moving and your music on as Emily’s dance experience and enthusiastic personality takes you on an incredible journey. Seniors will thoroughly enjoy this activity.

Shuttle Van Service Expands at Senior Center – The Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center Shuttle Service has expanded. As a result of a MassDOT grant award of a new 2015 Eco-van delivered in June, the Senior Center now offers the senior population in Revere increased available to utilize the van. In addition to our one van service Monday through Friday, two vans now operate three days a week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  The Senior Shuttle Program provides local transportation for Revere Seniors sixty-years and over. This service provides seniors transportation to meet medical appointment, dental appointments, attend the Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center  for lunch and activities, and if available, transporting them to take care of personal needs such as going to the pharmacy, the bank, hair dressing appointments, recreational activities, or shopping. You must register in person and purchase a $10.00 coupon book at the Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center prior to usage of the shuttle van. Please contact the Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center at (781) 286-8156 for more information.

Don’t forget our popular “Zumba Toning with Ernie & Barabra for All Ages” takes place on Wednesdays from 6:15 P.M. – 7:15 P.M. This is a fee-based class at $5.00 per person. Learn how to blend body-sculpting techniques and specific Zumba moves into one calorie-burning and strength-training. You’ll learn how to use weighted, maraca-like Zumba Toning Sticks to enhance rhythm, build strength and tone all the right target zones. Exercise at your own pace!

The Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center is a welcoming, safe, fun environment for seniors. It continues to review programs, services, meals and activities and take action to ensure our offerings are fresh and spirited. Please feel free to stop by and witness what we do and meet the seniors that this is a very special place.

Stephen W. Fielding

Director, Office of Elder Affairs & The Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center


Correggio receives Local 7 endorsement

Dear John,

It is with great pleasure I write to inform you that the members of Iron Workers Local 7 have whole-heartedly endorsed your Candidacy for the Revere City Councilor at Large.

As you are well aware of, working families in Revere and its surrounding cities and towns are finding it difficult to make ends meet in this global economy. One that does not believe in affordable healthcare, pensions or their ability to live comfortably in their adult years. It seems that the “bottom line” is the only thing people care about. They are not thinking of the social consequences that are created when people do not have the ability to plan for retirement or healthcare in their senior years. It is the taxpayer who will bear the burden of taking care of these future generations. Workers are being asked to contribute more to healthcare costs and foregoing pension contributions to pay their current energy, housing and living expenses which are escalating daily. While developers are lining their pockets with this same money, they are, in effect, fleecing the futures of your constituents.

We believe that you understand our view and will be a strong voice for the working families of today and that your efforts will protect the working families of tomorrow. With that stated;

The 3,000 members of Local 7, many of whom reside in Revere and its surrounding communities, stand with you in this election and are ready to support you in any way they can. With warm regards and best wishes, we are,

Respectfully yours,

Michael Hess

And the Local 7 Political Action Committee

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