One Year Later…

Everyone has a different memory of the tornado that struck Revere last year. For some, it was driving down Broadway with tree limbs — and even a 500 pound dumpster — strewn across the roadway. For others, it was being at home and having trees uprooted and roofs torn off. The list could easily just go on and on.

One year later a lot of the damage has been repaired, but more still needs to be done. What puzzles many to this day is the lack of state or federal aid to assist those homeowners who still are suffering from the effects of the tornado more than a year later.

Locally, the Revere fund that immediately was established after the tornado gave many homeowners the financial resources to fix their homes. In the first hours after the tornado struck, Mayor Dan Rizzo and city workers did a herculean job in removing the downed trees and building debris that seemed to be everywhere.

Like many natural disasters, the full recovery will take years to complete.  But, in one year a good deal of progress has been made for those who needed our help. Who would have thought then that so much would have been accomplished.

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