A Great Day for Revere

If someone had said of the Revere Beach Sand Sculpting Festival (when it first began 12 years ago), “It will just keep getting better and better, year after year,” it would not have been unreasonable for a listener to have been suspect of such a statement. However, that truly has been the case with the Sand Sculpting Festival, which concluded a glorious weekend at Revere Beach with an estimated 1,000,000 (that’s right, one million) visitors trekking to our shores.

These visitors were treated to a 30 minute firework display, food trucks, musical entertainment, authentic old cars from the Cyclone Roller Coasters, and of course, the ferris wheel, which had a line non-stop to get onto it.

The weather was perfect and the masterwork creations in sand truly were incredible.

People came from all over.  As a matter of fact, a man from China who was visiting New York City showed up at the Beach because of the publicity of the event. This was also a time for old friends from Revere to gather and just hang out on the Beach, as they had done more than 30 years ago when life was simpler and we were all younger.

And during the three day period, there was not one arrest.

Thanks go to many for making this year’s event the huge success it was, but we need to single out the Revere Beach Partnership, headed by John Hamel, which deserves most of the credit.  This dedicated group of volunteers spent hours planning this event over the past eight months.

We can hardly wait for next year’s festival.

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