Wood Pruitt Pulls Papers for School Bd.

Despite what may happen in Chelsea District Court in July, long-time School Committee member Donna Wood Pruitt has taken out nomination papers for the November election.

So far all current School Committee members have taken out their nomination papers. Seeking re-election are Michael Ferrante, Susan Gravellese, Dan Maguire, and Carol Tye. Two challengers have also taken out nomination papers: Frederick Sannella and Albert Terminiello.

A clerk’s hearing was held in Chelsea District Court on June 3 for Wood Pruitt. The case has been moved to July where it may be moved to be heard by a judge. Wood Pruitt has stated that she will not make any comment until the case is resolved. Wood Pruitt was summonsed to Chelsea District Court in June, when information was found on the internet that she was allegedly selling leftover prescription medication, also known as a Class E drug.

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