Letters to the Editor

Mayor Rizzo Congratulates Former Mayor Ambrosino       

 Dear Editor:

I am thrilled that former Mayor Tom Ambrosino has been named the next City Manager of Chelsea. Secretary Jay Ash, who had transformed the city throughout his tenure as manager, leaves a strong legacy for Tom to continue. I am certain Tom will be up to the challenge. As mayor, Tom worked hard for the people of Revere.  I know he’ll bring that very same work ethic to Chelsea and build a solid administration around him that will bode well for all Chelsea residents. I look forward to working with Tom as Chelsea’s City Manager.

Dan Rizzo

Mayor of  Revere

Praise for AG Healey, Protecting Lives and Municipal Bottom Lines

Dear Editor:

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey deserves praise for her battle to regulate the prices of Narcan – a drug that can reverse the effects of opioid overdose and save lives.

Revere was the first municipality in the United States to equip first responders with Narcan back in 2011.  Hundreds of municipalities have followed suit over the last few years, with the demand for Narcan surging in response to the ever growing nationwide opioid crisis.

Just as the use of this live saving drug became widespread, drug companies have doubled the price.  Now, as communities like Revere do their best to combat opiate addiction, it appears that drug companies may be using this devastating problem to pad their bottom line.

Thankfully, the crippling increase in price has spurred action among leaders in Massachusetts.  AG Healey is investigating the price gouging by demanding that companies selling the drug to state entities turn over sales data, including the price and date of each purchase.  The state legislature is also exploring an option where the Commonwealth would buy Narcan in bulk, and resell the product to municipalities – passing on the discounted savings.

More than strong fiscal management, this is about saving lives.  I offer my full support to both of these efforts.

Dan Rizzo

Mayor of Revere



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