Local Students Tour Courthouse

Members of the District Attorney’s Youth Council traveled to the Central Division of the Boston Municipal Court Department recently.  In addition to touring the courthouse, the students met with Chief Justice Robert Ronquillo (formerly the first justice out at East Boston court and a Revere resident), who oversees all business in the BMC’s eight divisions.  In the attached photos, the students are (from left to right) Beau Schlichting (Winthrop), Madelyn Faingaa (Winthrop), Meghan Chavis (Winthrop), John DiGregorio (Revere), and Anthony Delvecchio, Jr. (Revere).

 The DA’s Youth Advisory Council is a diverse group of 41 sophomores and juniors from across Suffolk County who meet regularly with the DA, members of his senior staff, and other interested adults.  They identify issues that are important to area youth, develop policy recommendations, testify on legislative initiatives, and more.  The council is unpaid, but it may count for academic credit and the council and provides valuable volunteer experience for prospective college students.

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