Letter to the Editor

It’s Time for Change

Dear Editor:

We are being invaded, where are our troops, do we need the National Guard! I don’t think so; it’s time to sit down with our well-trained local police dept. along with who is in charge of the traffic lights at the various enter-sections located along Broadway.

We are being over-whelmed by out drivers who insist on using Broadway as a short-cut enroute to their destination and in the process they are aggravating those who live in Revere, who simply want to get home etc.

The traffic is having difficulty as it moves along Broadway, at times it stops at Fenno Street (traffic lights), then continue to Park Ave., were again it must stop for traffic lights located at Central Ave., then continues along Broadway again and must stop for traffic at Cushman Ave. and School Street and again must stop at Revere Street and Broadway, enroute to Brown Circle.

It’s interesting to note that from 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. traffic from the Chelsea overpass and traffic from Brown Circle going to the opposite direction towards Chelsea, accounts for an estimated fifteen hundred to two-thousand vehicles traveling those routes each weekday in 2 ½ hours.

I believe there is a better solution to the problem; therefore, I will attempt to persuade our elected officials to get more involved in this matter. The people who live in Revere deserve it!

Ed O’Hara

A concerned citizen


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