Letter to the Editor

We are lucky to have some great support

Dear Editor:

In the course of everyday living there are people or organizations that make an impact on our daily lives.  Many times we take these individuals or organizations for granted as they perform exceptional or even routine services without fanfare. They go out of their way to help others. I am citing several individuals and organizations that make the Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center a better place.

The Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center is blessed to have some very special people who support us immensely, each and every day – the Revere TV team: Bob Dunbar, Rick Promise, Bobby Driscoll, and Jessica Simpson. I can tell you that we do not take them for granted. Neither should you seniors reading this letter. We are so grateful to them for their television coverage of the Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center. All the programs, activities, and services we offer are posted on Channel 8 at all times, including special messages such as shuttle information and many, many timely announcements about events and other “goings-on”. These folks go out of their way, serving seniors behind the scenes. Make sure you thank them next time you have the opportunity. Don’t take them for granted. The staff and I never do.

As I write this, I must also thank a very, very special person named Morris Morris. This man is amazing. Each day he volunteers at the senior center (he says he gets paid weakly) plays music, brings happiness and joy to seniors and staff, and creates a positive, lively buzz. Morris has been doing this for over thirty-five years. He not only plays the music but actually selects it, creates the CDs, and personally makes sure there is a variety – from traditional Italian love songs to German march songs to Polish polkas to Austrian waltzes. He also plays music from across the American Songbook –the 20’s through and including the 50’s and every genre – Country, Rock, Classic and Current Pop, Big Band, and Broadway Show tunes. He also has created a sound system through his own ingenuity that is comprised of microphones, speakers, control boards, and compact disc players. Let me tell you: when he isn’t here playing music the building is pretty quiet. He is also the Revere Senior and Veteran segment population’s strongest advocate, especially through his Revere Veteran’s and Community television show. This is all true and I haven’t even mentioned his unique comedic acumen and joke-telling ability. Despite what he says Morris does indeed make a difference each day. Thank you Morris D. Morris.

There are two weekly newspapers in Revere – The Revere Journal and The Revere Advocate. They are both extremely generous to the Rossetti-Cowan senior Center and Revere seniors. The news, feature, and informational pieces they each publish along with weekly photos really have propelled the senior center into the limelight. Without their print space and willingness to give us so many opportunities to promote the senior center it would be very difficult to keep seniors informed of everything that goes on here and others in the community aware of this wonderful building that is such a solace to seniors. Words cannot express our gratitude to both newspaper organizations.

I urge seniors to appreciate your senior center and just as importantly, those individuals and newspapers mentioned above and express your gratitude to them the next time you see them.

Warm Regards,

Stephen Fielding

Director, Office of Elder Affairs

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