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She let us down

Dear Editor

Our new congressional elected official, Congresswoman Katherine Clark, who represents the City of Revere, has recently verbally attacked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, suggesting that the Prime Minister keep his mouth shut and allow Obama another two years, after trying for the past six years to keep Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. However, under the circumstances, Clark goes on to say, “I will continue my full throated support for Israel.”

Congresswoman Clark was elected on a very small turn out, she should keep that in mind. She should further learn that she has a responsibility to those who elected her. I am sure she is aware that Obama’s national ratings are below 40 percent and his trustworthiness is even lower. Under these circumstances, it seems to me that Clark’s responsibility rests in the wishes of those who elected her. Therefore, she should have supported the Prime Minister.

I can understand the difficulty she could have had if she did not support the president. It could have brought to attention that lawyers are far less trustworthy than politicians, keeping in mind that she and her husband are both lawyers.

At this point and time, if Clark doesn’t agree with me and her many constituents, I respectfully suggest she get a baby carriage and wheel the president around, and while doing so, using her “vernacular,” buy him a full-throated lollipop!!!

Ed O’Hara

An open letter to the Ward 6 Community from Ward 6 City Councilor Charlie Patch:

Dear Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to announce my candidacy for reelection to the Ward 6 city councilor seat for a fifth term. It has been an extreme honor and privilege to be your voice on the council and represent the people of Ward 6 for the past 7 plus years. After many discussions with family, friends, neighbors, supporters and constituents I have decided to run for reelection. I will continue to work aggressively to improve the conditions in our Ward.

We have made tremendous strides in enhancing our area but there is still much more work to be done. I look forward in the upcoming months to reaching out and meeting with my constituents to hear your questions and concerns and express some of my goals and objectives. In closing, it has been an honor being your representative and I look forward to earning your vote for reelection. As always I remain just a phone call away 781-289-7494.

Charlie Patch

Ward 6 Councilor


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