How High Can You Throw That Snow?

R1_NEWShoveling has become a way of life on Mondays – not to mention just about every other day in between. Shown here this past Monday morning was Bob Ferrante of Winthrop Avenue, who shoveled out his driveway early with his neighbors. Like many in the City, snow plowing efforts with all the snow have become a bittersweet situation – glad to have it, but not glad to have it piling more snow on freshly shoveled driveways and sidewalks. Meanwhile, the huge snow banks along Broadway have crippled several businesses in the city. Salon and Spa owner Raina Morgan took to putting a sign high atop the snow bank in front of her business last Friday proclaiming to everyone that she’s still open. Mayor Dan Rizzo pleaded with the public this week to be patient, noting that official reports as of Tuesday had Revere getting 63.9 inches of snow since Jan. 26. Monday’s blizzard – the third consecutive storm on a Monday – registered 23.1 inches according to National Weather Service estimates.

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